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Started in 2007 MDDCANDYLLC is a full-service vending company that operates bulk vending machines, amusement games, and full line vending machines for snack and beverage options. Servicing out of the tri-state area our equipment can be found in a variety of locations. Hotels, pizzerias, laundromats, restaurants, check cashing, and your everyday break room where you can grab a snack on premise. If you’re store has unused floor space that isn’t generating additional residual income then vending machines are a great solution!

What started as a small operation in 2007 MDDCANDYLLC has systematically grown steadily over the years. Led by CEO Mike DiStefano, MDDCANDYLLC has been able to acquire and expand routes throughout the Tri State area by helping businesses generate extra residual income through the placement of vending machines. Mike's natural sales ability combined with a tactical and thorough approach when it comes to route performance, machine appearance, and rotation of merchandise is what has kept MDDCANDYLLC ahead of the curve.

bulk vending machines
7 w rack



We provide the equpment, service, and product. Nothing comes out of your pocket.


You are not responsible for vandazlized or stolen equipment. We are fully insured.


This will be paid on location or by check.


We are constantly analyzing the hottest trends when it comes to consumer satisfaction, through a systemized rotational system, your customers will always see something new.


Vending runs 24/7 and so do we, our technical support team is always available to handle service requests to keep your cash flow going.


We only install top of the line equipment that has proven to be both durable yet attractive. Wowing your customers is our top priority. With a varied offering of machine sizes now is a great chance to determine what would look best in your store.

Kiddie Ride Kiddie Ride
snack machine Snack Machine
Bulk Candy
9 Way Rack
Pacman Arcade
Drink Machine Full Drink
Gumballs Bulk Gumballs
Candy Machines Candy Machines
slime toys Slime Toys

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Let's discuss how we can create an extra source of residual income at no cost to you. There is no better time than now to join our vending program. Whether you’re looking to replace an old vendor or start fresh, fill out the form below so we can get started!